Sunday, July 4, 2010

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Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd. first blog
created by me ( Harsh Vardhan Gaur ).

Proud to be owner of my blog.
I think spreading information is good for me and that too for people and also for corporate society

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Desription of Corporate Society bty offshorexperts.com

              Complete ICT solutions

Across all our software, web designing,web hosting and advertising services, our key principles - thoroughly understanding our clients’ business objectives, providing highly personalized experiences, maintaining a strong emphasis on quality, and adhering to the highest ethical standards - serve as the foundation for everything.

Diwakar Dhyani, Executive Chairman  Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd.

Software Develpoment on line management, data processing , business process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing , inbound and outbound call centers, data entry, project develpoment, CRM,etc.
Hence, Vision of the Company

To become the best IT based Firm of the world by touching millions of people around the globe, by providing essential IT based services like Web designing , software solutions, communication materials, quality products and services at very reasonable and affordable costs.
Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd , Delhi, India has the appropriate offshore resources to effectively manage your customer support needs. Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd , Delhi, Indiahas the capability to customize services to support any type of industry or service. A complete line of newer Internet services and traditional call center services are offered at the most competitive rates.

All the terms and conditions plus the price rates are negotiable. Please send us your contact details via mail so that we can discuss the next step.
India - ghaziabad, uttar Pradesh


1-3 years

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You are at Right Place

Across all our I.T. Services,  our key principles - thoroughly
understanding our clients’ business objectives, providing highly
personalized experiences, maintaining a strong emphasis on
quality, and adhering to the highest ethical standards - serve
as the foundation for everything.

Diwakar Dhyani, CTO
Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd

You Promote and We Provide

I can say that our concept of Direct Selling Franchises will reduce
the costs bearable to the customers and benefit everybody, which
will is actually our motive, benefit to everybody, Corporate Infocom
is not just a company but an evolution in terms or growth of Information
and Communication Technology . Corporate Infocom is thus a synonym
of proven leadership.

Rahul Walia , Chairman
Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

About Corporate Society . org

It's Totally Legal &
certified by the Indian Govt.

About Corporate Society.Org

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About Corporate Society .Org

Who We Are? 

Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd india was Incorporated 

with a vision to become the best I.T. company of 
the world. With our strong leadership and strategy
corporate infocom is considered an evolution today.
Since the very first day of its birth the company has been a service provider
with excellent and cost effective services to face the fickle IT scenario.
Our ICT Development Project presented to the world has become a revolution
today in the fie

An Overview:- 

Corporate Infocom India Pvt. Ltd., specializes in 
providing Business Process Outsourcing solutions 
for me  companies worldwide. Corporate Infocom
is not just a BPO provider, but also a reliable partner
who promises to make valuable difference to its clients' 
business. It is bent on enhancing its partners' competitive 
advantage and profitability. A medley of cost effective,
flexible and viable solutions is what we offer our partners.
At no point of time our clients are under the impression 
that they are outsourcing to us, as, an extended enterprise
is the image we portray. Co sourcing and not outsourcing 
is our motto. With an in depth knowledge of international 
markets and possession of a strong on the ground 
presence in India, we promise you significant cost
savings, and improve and maintain the quality of service

Our Philosophy and motto:- 

Our philosophy is to mould ourselves as an extension 
of our clients' service arm, understand their business 
and relate to them as we would relate to ourselves. 
Our motto is that we believe in being a responsible
service provider and pay unswerving attention to 
the finer details of our clients' core needs.

Our Vision:- 

Our vision is to achieve the seven F's of being Focused, 
Fast, Flexible, Friendly, Fair, Futuristic and First Class.
And hence to become the best I.T. based company 
of the world by providing all I.T. and I.C.T. based 
services at the most cost effectives prices.

Our Capabilities:- 

We have an impressive infrastructure with the 
latest hardware and software facilities. Our 
hardware facilities are regularly upgraded and 
can accommodate large volumes without any 
constraints. Our software team uses custom 
as well as customized software to suit the 
individual requirements of our clients.

A culture of Quality: - 

Corporate Infocom is a quality driven organization. 
Our in depth understanding of business processes 
and applications enable us to provide you with r
emarkable quality, which will induce you to come 
back to us every time you think of rendering q
uality service to your customers. Flexibility 
in our approach, keeping your success in focus
is our prime objective.